What do you do with a blog?

OK, so I need to either use this thing or uninstall it…

It’s mainly that I can never think of something to put on here. I like the idea of having a space where I can put some ideas or thoughts, but I guess I just don’t think often enough, or something.

So right now I’m typing this while┬ámy daughter Ada is trying to reach the laptop and type on it as well (or bang on it, or drool on it, or something along those lines). It’s not too difficult, as she is sitting right next to me while I’m typing. One of her tricks is to ‘feel’ something with her feet, which essentially means “kick it repeatedly,” which while rather amusing, is a treatment I’d rather not put my new laptop through.

Ah, I think she’s finally getting tired. I guess I need to get ready for work.

My cute little Ada