Ada and Peas

So apparently Ada really likes peas (oh well, nobody’s perfect).

Ada was in her chair and Rosanne put a bunch of peas on her tray, and she kept eating them as best she could, with only moderate success:

  • Take a fistful of peas.
  • Bring fist approximatley close to the mouth.
  • Open fist fully and press the palm to the lips.
  • Repeat.

She has also discovered that even though she only has one mouth she does have two hands, so she can perform the above process twice as fast. Needless to say there were a lot of peas to clean up when she was done.

3 thoughts on Ada and Peas

  1. I am impressed that the peas got their way into the fists in the first place! Congrats, ADA!

  2. John and I hate peas too, so our kids have very little experience with those nasty round squishy things. My guess is, if I made peas they would all end up on the floor, or Ruth would ask everyone if they wanted her wonderfully delicious peas just to get them off her plate.

  3. I agree with ADa, I like peas. And I would eat them with both hands too.

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