The little things

I had a rather neat experience yesterday. We had a ton of yardwork that we wanted to accomplish, but Ada was being very clingy and wouldn’t let Rosanne put her down, so Rosanne kept Ada happy while I fixed the sprinklers and started working on the back corner of the yard (we are trying to get that cleaned out and all the vines removed–this upcoming Saturday we’ll be removing the stumps).

By dinner time, I saw that there was no way I was going to get it done before dark working alone, but I was sure if Rosanne were helping we could finish it. so I said a quick prayer that Ada would calm down enough so that Rosanne would be able to help. I was impressed that Ada would not calm down, but that Rosanne and I needed to learn how to deal with that.


Oh well, I thought, I’ll just get as much done as I can on my own and finish it up later. A couple minutes later Rosanne came down saying that Janelle had just called, and wanted to play with Ada, so she was on her way over. She showed up in a few minutes, Rosanne was able to come out, and between the two of us we were able to get the job completed.

Now, God didn’t have to do that. I don’t think it really mattered, but it was just a reminder to me that He is concerned about us and He is very involved in our lives. I love seeing the little insignificant things that He does for us, not because it is so important on a grand scale, but because we are His children and He loves us (which is not such a little thing after all).

2 thoughts on The little things

  1. It is just amazing how much Heavenly Father cares. But if you think about it, He is our Father and I think that we being imperfect often do nice things for our children without even thinking about it. So a perfect father, of course, would always know when to do those little things.

    You should try, a bunch of yard work, 3 fussy kids, three kids that want you to play with them or are fighting with each other and one adult that would rather go swimming with crocodiles than do yard work. It just doesn’t get done before dark.

  2. Well, glad it all worked out…it usually does. Heavenly Father is so good to us. Over and over you have to wonder how the same being who created the universe, cares so much about our little daily struggles. I don’t know about our yard this year….I don’t think it’s happening.

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