A Good Day

I’ve been meaning to write about a good day I had a while back…

Every now and then I like to take a couple hours to relax with something other than video games or books.  I put on some good music and make a treat. It’s usually bread, hot chocolate, or… some other chocolate treat (and in case you were wondering, yes, a good loaf of homemade bread is definitely a treat).

Now, I really enjoy a good novel or video game, but there’s something more satisfying about taking my time to make a good treat while listening to some Beethoven. It sounds cheesy, but to me it is something that “feeds the soul” (or at least, that’s how I think of it, and everyone should take some time out every so often and do something that feeds their soul).

A little while ago, I was making a treat while listening to a new CD I had recently purchased. It was nice, relaxing music (the album name is Porcelain by Helen Jane Long, FYI), and I was quite enjoying myself.

Then my little daughter came in and proceeded to dance to the music (she’s been taking lessons from June on “Little Einsteins”, so she awkwardly twirls round and round in place). She was so cute to watch!

I was touched by what a wonderful family I have. They are so good to me; not just a wonderful blessing, but the reason and purpose in my life. That afternoon is one of the sweet moments of my life. Far beyond just a nice relaxing afternoon, it is one of the more precious memories that I have, and I hope I always remember it. I felt that God was happy with me, and that I was beginning to realize some of the great joys of life.

Oct 2009 Conference

So General Conference just ended, and I wanted to put down a few things that I really liked.

I really liked President Uchdorf’s talk in the Priesthood session, where he talked about the importance of work–not just wanting to do good things, but actually taking the time to do them. He also emphsized the importance of Education–always learning, whether in or out of a school.

That was my favorite talk, but I also really liked Elder Holland’s talk on the truth of the Book of Mormon, and Elder Bednar’s talk on consistent effort. I can’t remember who said it, but in another talk the speaker talked about those who don’t make an effort to teach their children the gospel, using the reason that they will “let their children decide for themselves”. His point was that the children cannot decide for themselves without having a knowledge of the gospel, and that Satan will certainly not protray the temptations of the world in a fair, unbiased light.

I’m hoping that I can spend more time studying the gospel, and also doing some of the good side projects that I want to do but never seem to find the time to do.