Marathon Reactions

My favorite reaction to my deciding to run a marathon has to be my older brother, who after a moment’s thought, came up with what he described as an equivalent scenario:

“Hey, I’ve discovered that sticking your finger into a socket isn’t actually lethal!”

“I’ve decided that I’m going to do that for ten minutes every day!”

“I’m trying to work up to two hours…”

2 thoughts on Marathon Reactions

  1. What a funny guy, but it isn’t the same! Running actually can be quite thrilling! I think we should make it our goal to get John back into running!

  2. I am seriously WAY impressed and proud of how well you are doing with the training. I always had a running partner on the long runs, you have done this on your own…way to go! I am so excited for you to do the marathon!!! Just be prepared…the last 3 miles are…hell. the rest is amazing. And plan on losing your mind those last 3 miles too. hahaha, no, you will do awesomely. It will be fun to see you come in.

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