CHOCOLATE! (not quite moderation in all things…)

Last year both my dad and I were unemployed, so we were unable to do our supposed-to-be annual chocolate dipping party. This is not a fondue party as much as it is making truffles and stuff like that (although a little fondue-style dipping is not unusual…).

So this year since we are both gainfully employed again, it may be understandable if we got a little carried away…

Lots of chocolate!

So here’s the breakdown:

  • The big bag is actually not for the party. We use enough cocoa powder that we find it better to buy in bulk (5o lbs–that’s the kind of bulk that even Costco hasn’t thought of). We will split it between us and other family members; it lasts a couple years or so…
  • The blocks are fairly decent quality dipping chocolate. Each block there is 10 lbs. We have 1 white (Peter’s Original), 4 milk (3 Merckens Marquis and 1 Guittard Signature), and 3 dark (2 Guittard French Vanilla and 1 Merckens Yucatan). The Guittard French Vanilla is a really striking chocolate…

Just as an FYI, I’ve recently learned that white chocolate often is not really chocolate… It’s a bunch of various flavorings. A good white chocolate (honestly I debate the existence of such a thing, but for the sake of argument…) is made from cocoa butter. Myself, I prefer a good semi-sweet chocolate (55-65% cocoa).

In all fairness, we are planning to do two parties this year: one for friends, and one for family, but maybe that’s just another sign of getting carried away… When I do the invites, I also invite people to bring something to dip. One of the oddest things I saw brought (with a fair bit of excitement, I might add) were twizzlers… I wasn’t brave enough to try the result, but they apparently enjoyed them quite a bit.

I’m especially looking forward to the following:

  • Dark chocolate haystacks (chocolate and toasted coconut)
  • Dark chocolate mint truffles
  • Dark chocolate-dipped graham crackers

Oooohhh, I’m a happy boy…

So, what chocolate dipped item/truffle would you enjoy the most?