How to Train Your Dragon: Family Bonding

Yesterday my wife and I decided on the spur of the moment to go see “How To Train Your Dragon” Since it was spur of the moment, our babysitting options were short. We figured it was a kid’s movie, so we could go ahead and take the kids.

…That might have been a mistake. Our toddler daughter loved seeing the dragons flying, but got bored about halfway through the movie. Meanwhile our baby son got hungry, so we had to buy some gummy bears to feed him throughout the movie (yes, we did give him real sustenance afterward).

Having said that, the movie was awesome. I mean, awesome! It was like taking my childhood daydreams and making a movie from them!

It was also a great bonding moment for my boy and I–at the end of the movie I discovered that both of us were covered in sticky, half-chewed gummy bears.

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