Playhouse Bush

So I’m going to brag a little. I’ve been wanting to re-do our rather dilapidated swingset, but we don’t currently have the money to do all the neat stuff that I want to do. So instead of that, I built a toddler size playhouse out of our snowball bush.

The bush is huge, so it already had a decent amount of space underneath it. I took one afternoon and cleared out the (mostly) deadwood from underneath the bush and ended up with a fairly decent space.

After that the main thing it needed was a door.

Here’s the inside:

And a few more pics for fun:

2 thoughts on Playhouse Bush

  1. LOVE IT!

    grace will definitely have to come try that out. It’s like a little kids dream come true!

  2. what a neat idea, wish i had thought of it. Your so clever.

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