Young Masochism or Bridging the Language Barrier

So a couple days ago I was putting my daughter in bed for her nap when she looks up at me and says, “Cut me, daddy!”

?… So of course I try to think of words that sound similar to “cut” that might make sense…


“Cut me.”

“Did you mean Talk?”

“No. Cut me!”

“…Um, I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

“Cut me! Like this,” whereupon she puts both hands under her armpits, then her sides, then her legs.

“Are you sure you mean ‘cut’?”


I spent about five minutes trying to figure out what she meant and getting worried that Mommy was right when she said our girl was starting to understand violence. I had her repeat it several times, tried repeating other words back; she also demonstrated what she meant a couple more times as well.

Finally Mommy came and saved the day–“She means tuck.”

Thank heavens.

3 thoughts on Young Masochism or Bridging the Language Barrier

  1. That’s SO funny. And I can totally relate in two ways.

    1. grace says things that sound crazy until you figure out what she actually means, and then it’s just cute.

    2. I understand what Grace says about 80% more than James does. I usually play translator for them. haha.

  2. Yeah… you are a pretty darn cute dad and I love how Ada and Sammy get so excited to see you come home!

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