Best Warranty Ever

OK, so last year I  bought a nice train at a train show. It was a gently used Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0. It was a really nice train for about a week… and then I dropped it.


I smashed the front of it, broke some of the side gear, etc. I managed to glue most of it together, and got it running decently. But then it would break again. The  glue wouldn’t stick (and I tried a few different kinds). I struggled with it for several months before learning that Bachmann has a really good warranty.

I looked into it. They have a really good warranty. I sent my train in along with $25. They replaced the train. No questions, no receipts needed. It didn’t matter that I bought it second-hand. It was awesome!


How often do you have a good experience with any kind of warranty?

Playing With Mud

So after a few more weeks of work, we have a little less than half of the layout with an initial plaster shell. Once the paper shell has been primed with an oil primer, then we took a very thin mixture of plaster, dipped paper towels in it, and laid that over the paper shell.

A paper towel dipped in plaster is rather like working with a fish skin (as my dad put it). In addition, we have been playing with putting some dye in the plaster. Lesson number one on that venture was that the dark brown dye turns rather purple… and that when the plaster fully dries, the color gets a lot lighter.