It’s Worth One Dollar

Having been thoroughly sucked into the world of tablets and smart phones, I’ve learned a couple things about the apps that you can get. And one lesson in particular stands out:

The app is worth one dollar.

A very common revenue model for apps is that there are two versions, a free app that has ads and a paid version that does not have ads. So far we’ve just downloaded the free version and ignored the apps.

However, even on our regular computer we’ve found that our kids aren’t always discriminating about where they click on the screen. Sam has already purchased and downloaded an app (we have no idea what it does…). But the kicker for me was when I accidentally clicked on an ad inside of an app, and found that I was one more click away from adding an additional $10 to my monthly bill.


Yep, some dinky ad that I accidentally clicked on started signing me up for some additional service, that would automatically charge me $10 per month, which would very nicely (and conveniently) be added to my phone bill. And I’m sure that opting out or canceling would be very simple and painless.

So, I’m thinking that the extra dollar to get the paid app is a worthwhile investment, especially if you ever let your kids play with your phone or tablet.

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