Best Warranty Ever

OK, so last year I  bought a nice train at a train show. It was a gently used Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0. It was a really nice train for about a week… and then I dropped it.


I smashed the front of it, broke some of the side gear, etc. I managed to glue most of it together, and got it running decently. But then it would break again. The  glue wouldn’t stick (and I tried a few different kinds). I struggled with it for several months before learning that Bachmann has a really good warranty.

I looked into it. They have a really good warranty. I sent my train in along with $25. They replaced the train. No questions, no receipts needed. It didn’t matter that I bought it second-hand. It was awesome!


How often do you have a good experience with any kind of warranty?

2 thoughts on Best Warranty Ever

  1. That’s super awesome!

    I’ve had good experiences with Skullcandy’s warranty. I’ve had several of their earphones just randomly stop working. I just sent them in, and they replaced them for free.

    I also heard that if you damage them doing extreme sports or something, you can send them in and they’ll replace them for 50% off. I’ve never actually broken headphones.

  2. That cool you’re building a layout, I have a lot of N scale stuff but I can do anything with it until I get out of jail, I mean grad school.

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