A Basic Internet Search

I read a less-than-friendly comment about the LDS faith on a youtube video (these things do happen occasionally). The individual expressed surprise that people believed all this stuff about our faith when a basic internet search would show that it is all a big lie.

So, all I have to do in order to know the falsehood of my faith is a basic internet search.

I don’t doubt that a quick search will return all kinds of information about my faith from all kinds of sources. There’s one small problem, and it’s one that gets passed over time and time again.

I don’t believe in this church because I searched the internet and found no compelling arguments against it, and every doctrine taught was perfectly in line with all the current popular ideologies. I believe in this Church and practice its teachings because I have felt the power of the Holy Spirit confirm the truth of it to me.

Yes, you can search the internet if you want. I’d appreciate it if your searching would include lds.org and mormon.org–you may want to check out fairlds.org. But even those won’t give you what I have found to be compelling evidence. That evidence comes from God. BecauseĀ God talks to man.

And that includes you.

Does He speak with words? Not usually. Is there a reason why not? Yes there is. Want to know why? Excellent! Go check out those sites I mentioned.

But while the internet is great for spreading both information and misinformation, what we Mormons really want people to do is find out by asking God Himself. And we’re sure that if you are really interested in finding out, He will confirm the truth to you.

That’s been my experience.

I have felt it in a way that I can’t really describe, but it is distinct and special and at times very powerful.

I have prayed and had those prayers answered in many ways.

I have looked back on my life so far and have seen how living the Gospel has blessed my life.

I have seen how living the Gospel has blessed the lives of others.

For myself, I find these evidences a little more compelling than a quick search on the internet. Or even a thorough search on the internet.