So, like many other kids out there, my kids love to watch TV shows and play video games.

A lot.

Especially my son.

If he could, he would do nothing but play video games. He’s not particular so much about which device he’s playing on; he loves the computer, the wii, and my phone equally.

We limit how much TV and video games the kids can do, and try to make sure they get in plenty of playing, running, etc. But even so, I’ve been worrying about how much they enjoy video games and TV.

Now, I enjoy a good game and fun shows as well. And I can (and do occasionally) spend more time wasting time than I should. I don’t spend a lot of time playing games, I have other things that I enjoy, and other obligations I have to fulfill. I want to make sure that my children find a sense of balance (not that I’m the model here, but I like to think I’ve made some progress).

The other day I felt particularly concerned that my kids were getting too much into their video games and losing interest in other things. And the thought came to me; at this point in their life (very young), there is something that has a much stronger pull and interest for them than any video game or TV show.

They like to play with their Dad.

They can be completely engrossed in a game, but at any time I can start tickling them and they’ll forget the game and run around the room in delight. They’ll stand a couple feet from me, eyes filled with delight, begging me to please not tickle them. They’ll jump on me, wrestle with me, throw pillows at me, try to tickle me back (they’ve come unsettlingly close to being successful on that score).

They like to do the things they see their Mom and Dad do. They like to do things with us. They like us to explain things to them.

So I think a lot of it is up to me, isn’t it? And I’m going to bet that if I put in the time now, then they will continue to enjoy doing things with me as they (and I) get older. And you know, it isn’t really work to play with them, spend time with them. Sure, there are other things that I often have to do instead. And sometimes there are other things that I would rather do instead. But if family is what I want, then one of my priorities is to stop fiddling with my own toys and play with my kids.

As cheesy as it may sound, it really is about…