After enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and letting things settle, we sat down and put on the “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” video, which includes a presentation on the pilgrims, their struggles, and the aid that was given to them by the Indians, particularly by Squanto.

I thought about the life that this man had. Captured and taken away from his home, almost sold into slavery, continually trying to return back home. When he is able to return home, it’s not there. His entire tribe has been wiped out by disease.

Two things really strike me about Squanto. the first is that in spite of his sufferings, he chooses to help the Pilgrims. He is not only instrumental, but vital in helping them to survive and learn how to live in their new home (which happens to be his old home). Think about that for a minute. He could so easily have been bitter. He could so easily have withheld his support and knowledge. He could have told Chief Massasoit what horrible people the white men were, but he didn’t. He helped those who were in need.

The second thing that strikes is that because of his sufferings, he is able to help the Pilgrims. Because he was taken to England he learned English, which was critical to his being able to help the Pilgrims right away. He understood the white man, and how they lived. He knew better than anyone how to best help these people.

I am so grateful for the kindness and generosity of this great man.

And I wonder, in what ways will the trials I have and suffering I go through be used to assist others?

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