Thank You Diane

You may be aware that I’m doing thank-you notes to my favorite bloggers… now it’s your turn.

I have enjoyed reading your blog as well as your articles on United Families International. Coming from a large family, I like seeing your thoughts as you raise your own large family, and how you and John have met the various struggles and difficulties that have come your way. I have sometimes thought “Is that what my mom went through/thought/did?”

I also enjoy your current format of giving a report on each member of the family – how they are doing and what’s going on with them. I like that you make sure to give space to each of your kids.

I also really appreciate your efforts to defend marriage and family. Thank you for your writings defending faith, religion, motherhood, and family. It takes a lot of research to put some of that stuff together. Thank you also for your efforts on these outside of your blog.

Finally, I want to tell you how much Rosanne and I have enjoyed your friendship and hospitality, how much we love hanging out with you guys, and how impressed we are with your testimony of the Gospel, and your efforts to live by the Spirit. Thank you for being our friend. Thank you for being a great example.

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