Thank you MMM

So this may seem silly, but for Thanksgiving, I decided to spend some time saying thank you to some of my favorite bloggers. And I am pleased to inform you that your Middle-aged Mormon Man blog was one of those few amazingly lucky winners. Try not to get too excited from the prestige of such an honor…

I did want to tell you that I appreciate your blog very much. I have enjoyed your humor as well as your insights. I’m always excited when a new blog entry from MMM shows up on my reading list. Your blogs are consistently fun, uplifting, and/or insightful (OK, yeah, there was the monkey post, but I’m willing to overlook that).

Another thing that stands out to me is your “my blog, my rules”… er, well, rule about comments; that they all need to be respectful and not disparage the Church. I’m not sure why I found that particularly refreshing, but I did. I appreciate that you continually uphold the Church and its standards, and do not let anything on your blog that could be construed otherwise.

I’m grateful that there are people like you who are able to express themselves well and use that gift to uplift and strengthen others and spread the gospel. Thank you very much.

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