The Silly Little Things -or- How God Works

I love the stories the little kids tell. The ones where they have had some small experience with prayer and listening to the Spirit. You’ve heard them: they were looking for their lost puppy, or got lost in the store. After praying they find the puppy, or feel comforted. My own experience was with my CTR ring (“Choose The Right”).

I love these stories and experiences. I love the things that we learn from them. The main one being that God is there, and that He loves us.

That’s huge. That is a Big deal. There is a God. He hears and answers prayers. He will answer your prayers.

But beyond that, He is concerned about the little things as well as the big ones. Not in the way that we expect, either. Very few of my prayers and desires have worked out exactly the way I expected. But they always work out.

Here’s a very silly example that happened tonight.

I had borrowed a flash drive and needed to return it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked in my bags, around the computer desk, on my dresser. No luck. Maybe it fell over the edge? No, not by the bed, maybe the other side…

OK, bit of a mess, but it’s not there.

Clean it up.

Really? I’d really rather not right now. I’ve got to find that flash drive.

Clean it up.

<Sigh> Fine, I’ll clean it up… Hey, look at that! Those coupons that Rosanne made for me! Those were sweet. I better put those somewhere safe. Here in the drawer…

Oh look, there’s the flash drive.

Again, not big, not important. But the fact that it’s not important actually makes it a little more special.

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