United We Stand

The news has been particularly disturbing recently. It’s seems as though the nation is in a mad rush to destroy itself as quickly as possible. It’s amazing how much we have been split into our different ideological camps and how much we’ve convinced ourselves that everyone outside of that camp is a demon.

The sage internet advice of last year was “Don’t feed the trolls.” Now it seems that the trolls have not only glutted themselves, they are running the show. The more vicious and divisive you are, the more people pay attention to you. The more ludicrous your claims are, the more you are lauded. The more demonic you make your opponent to seem, the more praise you receive.

There are very real and frightening examples of where this kind of division is headed; in the presidential election for one, but even more frighteningly in the many killings that have taken place recently. Very many seem eager to place blame on “the other side” with lots of reasons, statistics, and rhetoric; and the trolls fill the comment sections, ever more angry, self-righteous, and ridiculous.

The end result is that we all leave more angry with each other, and more certain that everyone else is simply evil.

And then this happened: These Black Lives Matters protesters planned a march. The police threw them a cookout instead

The TLDR; is this: A man whose brother was shot by police was organizing a BLM rally in Wichita. The police chief called him up and asked him to re-arrange the event. Instead of a rally, the protesters and the police got together and had a cookout. The police took questions and answered them. They mingled, talked, and enjoyed each others’ company.

This took guts. It took guts for the police. It took guts for the protesters and especially the organizer of the rally. It took some calming down, and stopping and listening. I applaud them and want to set this as the example of how we could and should move forward in our country. I worry that the alternative is to let the trolls work us up into such a frenzy that we tear apart our communities, and even our nation.

I hope that we can take some time to work with others instead of yelling at them.

United we stand.

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