It’s Been a While… again…

So I have not written in quite a while… much longer than I had thought. I’ve been thinking that I need to pick it back up again. I’m honestly not sure whether I will continue on this blog or if I will create something new to put my thoughts down on, but especially given how extraordinarily strange and chaotic this year is turning out to be, I think it’s worth putting a few thoughts down here and there.

2020 has been the year of isolation and division.

…I’m honestly not sure what even to say. Between Covid, civil unrest, and possibly the strangest election year ever, I’m really not sure what to say.

…I’m worried about saying something that will offend others who read this (which is ridiculous as the readership is quite definitely 0), but on all of these issues there are strong feelings one way among some family members, and equally strong feelings in the opposite direction among others. On one hand, I want to be one of the increasingly few brave souls who says precisely what they think and can back it up. On another hand, there has already been enough division and argument this year and it’s quite probably the more important thing to foster friendships and avoid contention. Coming back around, avoiding contention is becoming increasingly difficult, and one of the real problems we’re facing now is the silencing of dissenting opinions

I guess part of the dilemma is that I’m still working out where I stand on certain issues. Frankly, everyone should be continually trying to adjust their position, give it more clarity and nuance, and take in new data. Unfortunately, the world we live in is becoming increasingly tribal, where opinions and friendships are defined by the group that you most closely associate with, not what you see the evidence to be.

So I think I may do some writing. Because writing makes you think. Writing helps you to organize your own thoughts.

I don’t know what this is going to end up being. In all likelihood it will be another failed attempt at regular blogging. Maybe it will just focus on family events or on hobbies. I guess I’ll have to think write about it some more before I’ll know for sure.