Comments (and gallery)

Hey, everyone, thanks for leaving comments. On this particular blog I have to approve/disapprove the comments, so you may not have seen them (I was supposed to get emailed when someone submitted a comment, I wonder what happened?)

Anyway, it’s good to hear from you, and I’ve really enjoyed everyone else’s blogs as well. I need to leave more comments, I guess. I make use of the RSS feature wherever I can, which is really handy–most everyone’s blog entries get forwarded to my Outlook. Unfortunately it does not lend itself to leaving comments [sad face].

Also, you may be interested, I have finally started a web gallery on my site. It’s pretty cool–I’ve set it up so that I can use Picassa to create my galleries. You can get to it by going to and clicking on Pictures.

P.S. If you want to upload picture galleries to my site I can set it up for you (and then all you need is Picassa). Keep in mind that I don’t currently have any password protection on it, though. Also, I’m really not asking you to; just if you want to, you’re welcome to.