Marathon Mis-step

Well, I’m afraid my back has been hurting bad enough that I haven’t been able to run. Ever since the 18-miler, my back and butt have been very sore and stiff, and when I try to run there is a severe jab of pain on each left step. Eeven stuffed full of ibuprofen I could only manage a few miles and felt like I was doing more damage than good.
I saw the doctor yesterday and he said I had SI joint dysfunction, which was causing my right leg to be longer than the left. I’m doing physical therapy starting Monday to correct it (doctor said that would take about a week). Also, a coworker who runs a lot pointed me to an article about some core strengthening exercises that seem to be helping as well–it’s at,7120,s6-238-263-266-13030-0,00.html
So, I won’t be doing a 20 miler before the marathon, but the doctor was pretty sure that with the physical therapy I would be able to still run the marathon. I’m walking and biking instead of running in the meantime (I pull my daughter along in a cart on the bike, which makes it a pretty good exercise). Obviously missing the 20 miler (and associated runs) won’t help my training, but if I can get in some small runs and one half-marathon before the actual race (with rest time before the actual marathon), I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine.
Not necessarily good news, but it could be a lot worse…